My Yoga

We are all perfect machines, limited by our world.

I tis our habits, fears and obstacles that make us misaligned.

We face constant challenges that test our physical, mental and emotional abilities. And these days, at the speed with which we live, i tis difficult to find the energy to respond to everything.

Deep breath. This is my moment.

Practicing Yoga in an act of self-love. We work the body, improve the posture, gain strength. In parallel, we develop concentration, focus, self-recognition. We evaluate what we feel, we are present.

All of this work allows us to develop our response to negative emotions such as frustration, anxiety and anger. We cultivate self-control, confidence and calmness. We manage stress.

It is not easy to be vulnerable. It is necessary to misalign old customs to align new practices. Fear can trap us, but it can also be a fuel that turns into courage. To practice Yoga is all you need: desire…and a mat.