«I have always enjoyed physical exercise, but 15 years ago I was diagnosed with several herniated discs and was unable to practice much of the activity that gave me pleasure. The orthopaedist who accompanied me was peremptory: “You have to practice yoga or Pilates regularly for the rest of your life!”

At the time I opted for the easy way: drugs and put up with the pain. I did not believe that the practice of yoga or Pilates could make a difference.

Five years after the diagnosis, my brother was already teaching yoga, and after several acute crises and a few moments of physical disability, I decided to try a class. It was love at first class! I loved the feeling of effort and overcoming and, above all, the immediate well-being it gave me. I stopped having constant pain, crippling crises and abolished painkillers. Today I do not live without my practice, which has given me quality of life and helps me to control my body and mind.»

Marta Mendes

«Working with Pedro has completely changed my practice. I had been doing yoga for over ten years when I met Pedro – which means I did the sequences and felt pretty good about them.

When I started private lessons with Pedro, he challenged me to the most basis asanas, which I already took for granted. It prompted me to truly perceive every movement and breath. Starting to wake up deep muscles that had been dormant for a long time. My practice – and body – have developed in a way that never happened.

Fortunately, Pedro has a great sense of humour. Even when my muscles are shaking and I am silently cursing everything I am told, we can laugh at the end.

In group classes, Pedro does an excellent job of challenging everyone present, regardless of their different levels of experience. Each class is different – nothing repetitive or boring – which challenges us and demands our full attention.

Finally, what distinguishes Pedro is his deep knowledge of the body. He can explain why each position is made in a certain way; It challenges us to ensure that every deep muscle is activated; and is deeply committed to ensuring that his students protect their body in the long run. Honestly, I have never worked with a better Yoga teacher.»

Amanda Gentine