Pedro Mendes

Yoga has changed my life. It opened doors to a more complete self. For a more present, stronger and more focused self. At all levels. That’s the kind of growth I want to share with those looking for me.

I believe we can all be better and thats is what moves me. From an early age I constantly challenge myself and this, together with Yoga, has given me the tools to be who I am today.

My first contact with Yoga was from a purely physical point of view. I was a contemporary dancer by profession and Yoga was presented to me as a tool for optimizing my performance. A great alternative to playing sports without relying on anything, just me in my space. It turned out more than that.

With regular practice, I gained new insight into my body, my physical, mental and emotional strength. A new path was opened for more spiritual exploration in parallel with the dance.

My dance background has given me years of discipline and dedication, as well as a great physical and artistic development. The degree in Dance and the post-graduation in High Performance prepare me, in a scientific way, to evalute and establish work plans for those who seek me.

Today, what gives me the most satisfaction is being able to combine all these skills with Yoga and thus create a unique experience for my students.